Our volunteers are the driving force behind TierraVida´s work. Through our national and international Volunteer Program, TierraVida aims to support the professional development of young people interested in the field of of Sustainability, Climate Change and Education. We also offer opportunities to:

  • Acquire team and project management skills at the national and international level,

  • Start-up, develop and lead new institutional projects,
  • Participate in trainings, gatherings and conferences in the field of sustainability,

  • Participate in the facilitation of international and regional youth networks.


Rob Vaughn

Portland, Oregon, USA – 2014

While living in Córdoba in 2014, I wanted to find an organization that I could contribute to in a meaningful way and give back.  I was fortunate to be introduced to the team at TierraVida who gladly welcomed me despite very limited Spanish.  I was particularly interested in TierraVida given the focus on youth and climate change.  I was excited to help the organization in some small part by teaching a series of classes intended to educate volunteers and staff about donor development, fundraising, events and networking.  It was a wonderful experience that allowed insight to an exceptionally energetic and diverse organization doing great things globally and locally.


Sarah Mazze

Eugene, Oregon, USA – 2013 I wanted to remain within my field of climate change while living in Córdoba for nearly four months and was thrilled to come across Fundación TierraVida. The group is breaking ground with their organizing to give the youth of Latin America a voice in the climate crisis and it was a pleasure and an inspiration to volunteer with them. The people at TierraVida are professional and hard working while being incredibly welcoming and fun. I hope that my translations, grant research and conception of several possible social businesses for the organization will serve them well!